Rohrer Aesthetics Now Available from Aesthetic Solutions

Rohrer Aesthetics Now Available from Aesthetic Solutions

Rohrer Aesthetics Now Available from Aesthetic Solutions

Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. announces the addition of the Rohrer Aesthetics line of products to our complete line of practice-building products, services, and equipment. We’re firmly committed to providing the latest in enhanced treatments and techniques to make your practice a beautiful success! Rohrer Aesthetic products fit squarely into this mission.

Rohrer Aesthetics is established on a foundation of integrity and a practical business sense about the aesthetic industry. Rohrer’s reputation for providing affordable, high-quality, reliable products continues, positioning Rohrer Aesthetics for further expansion in the aesthetic market. And now their excellent line of products is available from Aesthetic Solutions. Let’s jump into the details.

Rohrer Aesthetics PiXel8-RF  - Radio Micro Needling System & Arctic Chill Cold Air System

Radio Frequency (RF) Micro-needling is a non-surgical procedure with little to no down time and is now considered “the newest essential” for a successful aesthetic practice.

The PiXel8-RF uses bi-polar, RF energy alongside minimally invasive micro-needles to facilitate effective, non-surgical, skin tightening with little to no downtime. During the treatment, heat is driven deep within the skin layers to stimulate and remodel collagen and cause elastin cells to regenerate. This results in a firmer, smoother, and more consistent skin surface.

The PiXel8-RF was developed to combat the signs of aging. The PiXel8-RF is suited for all skin types, and after a single treatment, most patients notice that the area treated is smoother and softer. The amount of energy delivered into the tissue is adjustable and the micro-needles can be adjusted from .5mm up to 3.5mm to address each individual patient’s needs. The PiXel8-RF uses a unique design for tissue coagulation and hemostasis that may improve fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and striae.

Key Benefits of the PiXel8-RF Include:






Photos provided by Ewa Timek, MD

Rohrer Aesthetics Phoenix CO2 Laser System

The Phoenix can be used to remove uneven pigmentation and reduce fine lines and coarse wrinkles. Depending on which hand piece is attached, the Phoenix can cut, coagulate and vaporize soft tissue.

The system includes:


The incisional handpiece can be used as a cutting tool just like a scalpel. A laser blepharoplasty is a simple and elegant procedure for excising excess skin around the upper and lower eyelids. The laser energy vaporizes and coagulates as it cuts so there is, less bleeding, less bruising and swelling with minimal or no discomfort, and a shorter recuperation. In addition, the multi-purpose hand piece can be used to vaporize warts skin tags.


The Phoenix CO2 laser scanner that divides the CO2 laser beam into tiny shafts of light. These shafts of light penetrate through the epidermis and introduce heat into the sub-dermal layers of the skin. This heat causes skin cells to reproduce more rapidly to heal the injury, thus stimulating collagen. The scanner's treatment area is adjustable from 5mm up 30mm.

In addition, the scanner can be placed into a plastic enclosure. The enclosure will hold the scanner while treating large areas, (hand or arms). The target treatment area can be easily visualized by looking through the plastic window located on each side. The treatment area size can be adjusted accordingly, and large areas can be treated quickly and more uniform.

The Phoenix is the ideal CO2 Laser System for sharing or multiple locations. The Phoenix easily separates in multiple pieces to allow for easy transportation.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 30-Day Buy Back Guarantee

Rohrer Aesthetics Spectrum Laser/IPL System

For a complete laser arsenal, you can buy versions of five different aesthetic treatment systems at an approximate cost of $500,000 or you can simply put the Rohrer Aesthetics Spectrum Laser/IPL System to work for a fraction of the cost.

The Spectrum lives up to its name by allowing you to provide a complete range of the most sought-after treatments in one easy to learn and maintain system. The Rohrer Aesthetic Spectrum Laser/IPL System provides one of the highest returns on investment of any piece of equipment for your aesthetic practice.


Hair Removal: Features a large spot size, built in contact cooling and a hertz rate of up to 10-pulses per second.


Skin Resurfacing: Erbium is the treatment of choice for patients wanting to achieve dramatic improvement in the appearance of their skin with minimal downtime. The procedure removes surface-pigmentation and mild to moderate fine lines and wrinkles on the face, hands, neck and chest.


Tattoo Removal: For over 20-years, the Q-switched Yag laser has been the laser of choice for removing tattoos. The dual wavelengths (1064nm/532nm) remove a wide array of tattoo pigments.


Vascular Reduction: The Yag energy heats and damages blood vessels causing them to collapse. Other vascular lesions such as a cherry angioma can also be removed with the Long Pulsed Yag.


The IPL includes 4 filters that can be used for a myriad of non-ablative procedures including hair reduction, acne reduction and the removal of vascular and pigmented lesions.

The Spectrum is the ideal Laser/IPL system for sharing or for physicians with multiple locations. The system easily separates into two pieces and can be placed into the trunk or back of a SUV.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 30-Day Buy Back Guarantee
  • NO Consumables or Disposables

Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. is committed to making your aesthetic medical or spa practice a beautiful success. We continue to seek out the absolute latest in aesthetic treatments and techniques and refine our offerings to provide you with the highest value to your patients and the greatest ROI for your practice.