7 Podcasts for Spa Owners

7 Podcasts for Spa Owners

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It can be difficult to own or manage your own spa practice. You have to spend long hours making decisions about which procedures and products you want to offer your customers, managing staff members, focusing on marketing, and juggling finances. You also need to stay up to date on any new developments in the spa industry so that you can maintain a competitive edge in your practice.

One great way to stay updated on the spa industry is by listening to podcasts that are specifically for spa owners. The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them whenever it’s the most convenient. Listen while you are taking a walk or driving in your car. Here are seven of our favorite podcasts for spa owners. 

1. Day Spa & Med Spa Success

The Day Spa & Med Spa Success show is great for discovering insights on attracting and retaining patients in your day spa or medical aesthetic practice. The podcast is run by Jeremy Baker, founder and editor-in-chief of the website, BestSeattleDaySpas.com. He is also a frequent contributor to CNN and USA Today. This podcast features interviews with the most successful spa owners. 

Listen to Day Spa & Med Spa Success

2. The Beauty Business Podcast

Adam Chatterly from SalonBusinessSecrets.com runs this podcast about starting and growing your spa or beauty business. This podcast features tips on creating a business plan, social media marketing for spa owners, cost reduction, and pricing strategies. Adam interviews successful spa owners to provide additional insights. 

Listen to The Beauty Business Podcast

3. Spa Marketing Made Easy

This podcast is focused on marketing for spa owners. Daniela Woerner is the host, and she includes strategies for growing your clientele. She discusses things like using Facebook ads to increase your business, booking your schedule with messenger bots, using gift card marketing, and offering medically assisted weight loss. 

Listen to Spa Marketing Made Easy

4. Medical Spa Insider

This podcast comes from the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) and covers in-depth issues for aesthetic entrepreneurs and spa owners. Alex Thierschm, who is the AmSpa founder and director, is the host, and he frequently talks with industry experts about their med spa practices. 

Listen to Medical Spa Insider

5. The Beauty Biz Show

The Beauty Biz Show can be described as a podcast for aestheticians, massage therapists, hair stylists, nail technicians, and beauty industry practitioners. The producer is industry expert, Lori Crete, and she interviews other industry professionals like dermatologist, Dr. Murard, and CEO of Circadia, Michael Pugliese. 

Listen to The Beauty Biz Show

6. Inside the Spa Business

Trent Munday hosts this podcast that helps spa owners to focus on all aspects of running a successful spa business. The podcast includes issues like employee recruitment and training, wellness trends, information on spa equipment and supplies, and spa therapist education. Munday also provides marketing tips and ideas. 

Listen to Inside the Spa Business

7. The Spa Dr.

This podcast focuses more on medical aesthetics and is hosted by the first female naturopathic doctor to be licensed in the state of California, Dr. Trevor Cates. She discusses issues such as maintaining vibrant health and achieving glowing skin. 

Listen to The Spa Dr. 

These are just a few podcasts you may want to check out as a spa owner. What are your favorite industry podcasts?