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Nue Fusion

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Nue Fusion Lead Wires

Nue Fusion Lead Wires are used to connect micro current spheres / probe wands, and facial & body pads with Skin for Life's Nue Fusion 200 and/or 600 MicroCurrent equipment. Sold individually (1 lead wire)


Nue Fusion 75R Body Pads

Nue Fusion 75R Body Pads for MicroCurrent Treatments self adhering for single patient use only flexible pin wire connection Do not pull lead wires to remove the electrode pads. These Body Toning Pads are Only used with the Nue Fusion 600 MicroCurrent equipment from Skin for Life. NF-75R - 3 in., medium round micro-current electrode  


Nue Fusion 600

Nue Fusion 600 Micro-Current: Body and Facial unit; provides the option for estheticians to perform a dual treatment for the face and body. Firms, strengthens, tightens, contours, and sculpts the face and body with programming, individual intensity, and overall output of frequencies. These signals of MicroCurrent trigger a myofibril reaction that contract the muscle while enhancing production of natural collagen and elastin. Because blood flow is increased oxygen levels are elevated in the epidermis and dermis leaving the skin firmer and instantly brighter.