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Amniotic Fluid Relev is amniotic fluid with proven regenerative potential. The amniotic fluid protects the fetus during development and is capable of providing the same protection to our bodies. A protein-rich fluid with proven regenerative potential, the components in amniotic fluid are intended to maintain regenerative tissue processes. Relev offers several components that make it an ideal choice for patients considering regenerative medicine options. The advantages of Relev include: the potential to restore function for longer periods of time than other regenerative medicine products. the ability to differentiate into several different cell types. They are virtually a blank slate. is immune-privileged, meaning there is minimal chance of being rejected by the recipient.


Umbilical Cord Blood Regenerative Medicine Recharg is a cryopreserved non-particulate allograft derived from umbilical cord blood. As a biological healing matrix, Recharg contains growth factors, cytokines, proteins, hyaluronic acid, extracellular matrix and viable cellular materials. These cells have the ability to self-renew, release growth factors, and further develop into more specialized cells throughout the body. The regenerative components found in Recharg contribute to tissue homeostasis, anti-inflammatory responses, and antioxidant effects. Together, they offset negative environmental effects and may slow the effects of the naturally-occurring aging process.

DermaMed psoriasis Routine kit

This kit is specifically formulated to treat skin that has Psoriasis and offers a natural solution for relief for this disease. It contains products designed to soothe and facilitate healing with natural botanical ingredients and NO harsh chemicals. This trio of topical and nutritional products will help psoriasis sufferers reduce the inflammation and discomfort that comes with the disease from the “inside and out”. This kit contains: repair bar (60 gr) argan boost serum™ (18 mL) omega-3 supplement (800 mg. EPA & 600 mg. DHA per serving)