Introducing the Most Advanced Cryo Treatment For More Youthful Looking Skin!

CryoTouch® delivers immediate results with zero downtime for all skin types.

The Most Advanced Cryo Facial Unit Ever Designed

CryoTouch is the result of years of development work based on a deep understanding of the needs of the esthetic world – RELIABILITY.  LOW MAINTENANCE. EASY-TO-OPERATE.

CryoTouch features a breakthrough “smart” dispenser that will allow us to help you manage inventory, perform trouble shooting, send you messages about specials and much more.

We’ve designed the unit to be highly portable and our high-volume gas tank and pre-filled serum cartridges deliver low disposable costs which will improve your profits. 

Your clients will love the gentle vibration of the cartridge tip that delivers the gas and serum to the skin and allows you to get to problem areas such as around the eyes and above the lip with ease. Additionally, CryoTouch has a calm sound – no more loud treatments to spoil the mood!