Dimpleplasty Is The New Trend

Another beauty enhancement is gaining popularity, particularly among the younger crowd. Dimpleplasty, a procedure to add facial dimples, can add that pleasing quality that comes naturally for some but now an option for many. Millennials particularly are choosing this procedure as a way to enhance the aesthetic of their facial appearance.

Dimples occur when the skin attaches to an underlying muscle. As the person smiles, for example, the dimples deepen.

Dimpleplasty is a minimally invasive surgery of the face, most frequently the cheeks. The surgery alters the muscle structure to pull the skin as the person’s facial expression changes.The procedure lasts only one-half hour or slightly less according to an allure.com article. Like any surgery, proper recovery management is critical though the recovery time is relatively short compared to rhinoplasty, for example.

Why Do People Want Dimples?

Many view dimples to be a sign of “cuteness” or as one more characteristic of attractive people. Some may look at themselves and dream “if only”.  Modern Plastic Surgeon web site details reasons why individuals may choose to undergo dimpleplasty. Some of these reasons include:

  • Balancing of smile lines
  • Enhancing facial symmetry
  • Adding interest and proportion to the face
  • Broadening or emphasizing the smile, potentially a positive social enhancement

Be candid about whether dimple surgery makes sense for each patient. For some, the procedure may have minimal effect on the patient’s appearance.

While the popularity of dimple surgery may ebb and flow over time, history suggests that dimples do not really go “out of style.” A  pleasant and open smile is always a positive attribute, so the enhancement can be a true asset for life.



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