How to Find the Perfect Skin Care Routine

When discussing skin care routines with your customers, knowing where to start can present a challenge. There are a variety of skin care products and treatments available to help improve a person’s skin condition. The challenge is in narrowing down what each customer needs as each person’s skin care requirements can be as unique as a fingerprint. In addition to this, tracking the effectiveness of such treatments can be difficult as well. Advancements in 3D skin analysis can give you an in-depth look at a customer’s’ skin and tell you exactly what kind of treatment they need and allow you to track the treatment process.

About 3D Skin Analysis

3D skin analysis gives a very detailed picture of overall skin health. It provides information about skin age, the health of the skin, pores, oil, wrinkles, redness, and sun damage. 3D imaging can also provide useful information about skin tone and pigments.

This information gives you a far more detailed picture of a patient’s skin health then you would have with simple surface level analysis. It’s one thing to know about sun damage but the scope and degree of this damage is vital in assigning proper treatment methods. Many current treatment methods have a heavy element of trial and error. The more detailed information 3D skin analysis provides makes for more effective treatment and less need for trial and error testing.

About The Pear 3D

The Pear 3D is a powerful skin analysis tool that can provide you with a wealth of useful information. It can capture a full 3D image a person’s face using UV rays and provide up-close details of their skin that is invisible to the naked eye. These multi-layered 3D images provide the information you need to provide more precise customized treatment methods. From the customer end, the Pear 3D is fast and completely painless making for a less invasive skin analysis procedure.

How 3D Skin Analysis Improves Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to skin treatment customers want to see results. Use of 3D analysis offers the following advantages.

  • With 3D analysis, you have detailed images that show any skin damage or issues a customer may have. This visual evidence is easy to understand and makes a customer more open to treatment and more informed about the best methods to approach their skin care needs.
  • The information 3D analysis provides can detect future issues that may develop which makes for more effective preventive treatment.
  • Further skin analysis can track the effectiveness of any ongoing treatment regiments down to the pour level.

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