How One Laser Can Solve Your Client’s Most Intimate Problems

Laser technology has advanced a lot over the past twenty years. Now doctors can target a wider range of tissues and go much deeper than they could in the past. This allows them to treat health conditions that in the past would have required surgery or extensive hormone replacement therapy. Laser therapy can now be used in a variety of ways, helping to restore a woman’s sense of self and allow her to enjoy intimate moments.


Urinary Stress/Incontinence

In the past, lasers could only go a short distance into the tissues. Now, medical professionals can direct the lasers much deeper into the body, tightening and rejuvenating the muscles and tissues that support the bladder. This means fewer issues with incontinence caused by stress or weakened pelvic muscles.


Painful or Uncomfortable Intercourse

As a woman ages, her vaginal tissues begin to change. They become less flexible and less resilient, making sexual intercourse painful. The level of discomfort can range from mild to extremely painful making it impossible for a woman to enjoy intimate moments with their partner.


Vaginal Lubrication

Vaginal dryness is often a result of the breakdown of the vaginal tissues. By using a laser set to the appropriate depth, the doctor can revitalize the tissues, restoring blood flow and encouraging the body to create more collagen and elastin. This, in turn, helps the tissues produce more fluid. As the tissues become stronger and more fluid is produced, the dryness begins to go away and sexual intercourse becomes more pleasurable.


Vaginal Atrophy

When vaginal tissues start to breakdown and dry out, they also start to become tough and stiff. As the muscles and tissues begin to atrophy, the tissues become less resilient and unable to function as they did in the past. Laser therapy can reverse atrophy causing the tissues to become suppler and elastic. The renewed production of  collagen increases the tissue’s ability to rejuvenate itself.

At Aesthetic Solutions, we offer the latest technology for your clientele’s most intimate needs, especially those who have started to have issues with incontinence and other conditions that affect their reproductive system.

By using these highly advanced procedures, you can offer cutting edge advancements that may help rejuvenate and revitalize tissues that have started to deteriorate due to injury, illness, or hormone imbalances.

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