How to Build Your Aesthetic Practice

Today, there are thousands of businesses nationwide that offer aesthetic treatments – from medical offices for dermatology or plastic surgery to non-medical businesses such as day spas. The aesthetic treatment market is robust, growing, and extremely competitive. A quick Google search of services in your city will reveal your competitive landscape. The myriad of treatments or services a patient may be looking for is complex, varied, and seemingly offered everywhere. In the face of this crowded marketplace, it’s more important than ever that your practice stand out to existing patients and new patients alike.

Recently, Josh BeBlasio published an article in Modern Aesthetics by Josh DeBlasio entitled, “Thrive in the Face of Competition.” (DeBlasio) The article addressed some of the most essential and relevant concepts for building a successful aesthetic practice that both differentiates you from competitors and positions you to stand out in your marketplace. We could spend much time discussing each of the points from the article, but given the profound influence of social media in every industry, we will focus on how to use social media to help your aesthetic practice stand out amongst the competition.

You already know your patients are out there on social media, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere, but have you ever considered that your patients are using these same social channels to discuss aesthetic treatments? They’re looking at before and after photos, watching YouTube videos on treatments, learning about procedures, discussing care on patient forums, and much more. This hunger for knowledge is an excellent opportunity to establish your credibility. By positioning yourself as a thought leader in the industry and within your marketplace, you can take control of the information provided to your patients and participate in the conversations already taking place.

Given the visual nature of aesthetics, creating YouTube videos is an engaging, unique way to provide your patients a deeper understanding of a particular subject matter. In fact, YouTube is the second-most searched behind Google with more than 1.5 billion logged in users per month and over 1 billion hours of video watched per day. The massive popularity of YouTube and the advent of Instagram’s IGTV are a result of how much more people pay more attention to videos online than practically any other content. While a positive Yelp review is helpful, a video testimonial from a happy and satisfied patient on the care they received from your practice will differentiate your practice substantially.

You can also create videos discussing the unique procedures you offer. Your expertise matters to your patients! While they may be more inclined to read a Reddit thread than an article in a medical journal, your patients want to know you’re an expert in your field. Quick 60-second videos or well-made infographics highlighting research you may have performed, or are aware of, or new cutting-edge treatments you know are coming to aesthetics, set you apart as a thought leader. Use these types of visual mediums on social media to disseminate information on important new treatments, exciting breakthroughs, or even controversial topics in aesthetics. Website like Entertainment Tonight are already toting their “skincare secrets” by sharing videos with from industry experts. Why not share your expertise?

Content is king in the world of social media, but before you spend the next week creating videos to post on YouTube, remember customer care is still the most influential component of your business. How many times in your own life have you been frustrated that a company you are dealing with failed to call you or email in a timely basis or even as promised? Now, consider the fact that your Facebook business page proactively provides users with your average response rate. If you’re posting high-quality videos but not responding to comments or messages days at a time, your engagement will inevitably suffer.  It may seem basic, but promptly replying to comments and direct messages on social can separate your practice from your competition. Communicating quickly and effectively is the surest way to ensure patients are coming to you and not their cousin’s friend’s wife’s Instagram for expert advice.

There are many more excellent points in the Modern Aesthetics article, so we encourage you to read Josh DeBlasio’s article in its entirety for more great examples of how to make your aesthetic practice a standout hit. When building your wealth of social media content, remember DeBlasio’s final point: Be different! Don’t follow what your competitors are doing. Be a leader in your marketplace. Look at your practice from your customers’ eyes and take every opportunity to delight them with the level of care and concern you have for them. Provide them with the very best you have to offer and keep after it!

Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. is committed to making your aesthetic medical or spa practice a beautiful success. We continue to seek out the absolute latest in aesthetic treatments and techniques and refine our offerings to provide you with the highest value to your patients and the most significant ROI for your practice.

DeBlasio, Josh. “Thrive in the Face of Competition.” Modern Aesthetics, Jan. 2019,

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