How to Use Social Media for Your Spa or Salon

Social media is more important than ever. Whether you actually own a salon or spa or you simply work for one, social media can help you bring in more clients. The majority of your customers are probably on multiple social media platforms. This is why marketing on those platforms can be a good idea. Here are some tips for getting started with social media for your salon or spa:

1. Make Sure Your Website is Up to Date

While your website is not technically social media, you should still make sure it’s up to date and aesthetically pleasing before you get really involved on any social media platforms. This is because your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. will all point to your website and if customers want to learn more about your spa or salon, this is the first place they are going to go. Think of your website as a digital home for your business. 

2. Have a Special Focus on Holidays and Seasonal Events

Holidays–whether it’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day–are great times for people to give each other spa packages or salon gift certificates. You may want to have promotions around certain holidays, and you’ll want to market those on social media. You can also produce content that is centered around these holidays in the weeks or month leading up to them. There are also specific seasons like prom season and wedding season. So just make sure you are capitalizing on these holidays and seasons on your social media. 

3. Run Giveaways and Competitions

There is no better way to get people involved than giveaways or competitions. You can give away skin care products, hair care products, spa packages, etc. You can ask people to follow your various social media accounts to enter the giveaway. You can also ask them to tag their friends so you will get more views of your content. 

4. Post Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Whether you’re posting a picture of everyday life at your spa or salon, a before and after picture, or just a selfie, it’s always a great idea to post unique photos on your social media channels. You always want to get your clients’ permission before you post any photos of them of course, but once they give you the go ahead, post those photos everywhere!

5. Create Quote Pictures

Find some of your favorite quotes from people like Coco Chanel and create unique quote pictures. You don’t have to be an expert in Photoshop to make these. There are a ton of apps that make the process much easier like Canva. Look around the app store to see which ones you prefer. 

These are just a few social media tips for your salon or spa. The most important thing about social media, though, is to post unique content consistently. That is the best way to get out there, promote your brand, and ultimately attract new clients.

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