Keep Your Clients Coming Back: 6 Tips for Your Medical or Aesthetic Practice

As the head of an aesthetic business, you have the opportunity to help people look and feel their best. By bringing in the right blend of quality, technology, and personalized attention, you may find your loyal clients coming back again and again.

Still, it’s important to remember that your aesthetic practice faces many of the same challenges that any conventional business does. If you follow established best practices for the industry, you’ll attract more interest and grow faster.

By following these tips, you’ll find your aesthetic business on the right track.

Ensure Patient Success

  • Remember: Your patient’s success is your success! From the moment they walk in until the day they leave you a glowing review, your goal is to support their goals. A positive, upbeat attitude always helps – newcomers take their cues on how to act from you.
  • Always be sure everyone on your team knows your whole catalog of services so you can empower each person with options to suit their needs. Remember, many would-be clients first come to your aesthetic business not knowing exactly how to reach their goals.

Be Sure to Take Photos

  • Good photos drive sales in an aesthetic business. Patients have to overcome some trepidation before they make a treatment decision, and great “before and after” photos of past successes will help them feel at ease with their decision.
  • Though many businesses stick with traditional photos in a testimonial book, this doesn’t really maximize the impact of photos. Displaying them on a television or digital screen is best. Your client can see more clearly and you can zoom in or highlight as needed.

Reward Patients Who Refer You

  • Referrals are the lifeblood of a growing aesthetic business. Just about every patient you meet will know 3-5 other people who might enjoy similar services. Following up with a feedback card or email survey can help you broaden your business and get leads.
  • Your most satisfied patients will be happy to drive business your way, but they usually need a little reminder. Develop an incentive program that offers them concrete rewards, like discounts on future procedures, each time a referral leads to a sale.

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