New Pellecome Weight Loss Pellet

Pellecome has introduced a new weight loss pellet called Pellecome Fit. The pellet will be similar to their pellets used for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and they will utilize the same technology. Those who provide health care have a way that is consistent and safe to insert pellets for BHRT, and the same technology will now be used for weight loss. Pellets are inserted just underneath the skin and absorbed over a few months. 

“Applying our innovative technology in this therapeutic area has enabled Pellecome to provide a new opportunity for an easy, safe, and convenient treatment for weight loss,” said Melissa Vinci-Rainis, CEO. “This new treatment option is a novel approach that supports our company’s mission of helping our patients achieve their goals of good health and well-being,” she continued.

BHRT and now weight loss therapy can be added to any sort of practice in order to increase revenue. Pellecome hopes to collaborate with health care providers to combine BHRT with weight loss. In pellet therapy, return visits are required after about three months when the body has been able to absorb the pellet. Patients who return for additional pellet therapy give health care providers an opportunity to offer additional services. 

Pellecome provides the opportunity for health care providers to learn more about the pellet system in live training sessions. Pellecome offers a two-day course for those who wish to learn more about Hormone Optimization for both women and men, including patient and practice management, pellet therapy, and hands-on patient interaction. There is also a one-day course, which is intended for those who are offering pellet therapy in their practice currently. 

The advanced pellet delivery system that is available makes BHRT therapy safer, easier, and more reliable. For more information, please see the Pellecome website.

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