New Practice Start-Up

As a start-up medical cosmetic business or a medical practice integrating new cosmetic services, you will be faced with a plethora of challenges. These challenges include hiring and building a strong aesthetic team, selecting treatment/procedures, cosmetic services, skin care products, selecting laser and light based equipment, building an office infrastructure, and choosing practice management software to mention a few.


Aesthetic Practice Tune-Up

If you have an existing cosmetic practice you can benefit from reviewing the basic elements that most successful aesthetic practices employ to optimize profits and enhance the patient experience. Successful cosmetic practices listen to and learn from their clientele and adapt to their demographics. This review can be used as an assessment of the basic skills being used daily in your business.


The overall impression of your office and your staff is extremely important when recruiting new patients to your office. In the first seven seconds of any initial encounter, a person forms an opinion. Voice and tone, knowledge, personal appearance and office presentation must be carefully maintained.

Aesthetic Tune-Up

Ask new patients what their initial impression is of your practice and suggestions they may have to improve it. Is your staff and office environment consistent in their approach to both the aesthetic and clinical patients?


If you are a medical practice your staff may struggle with the necessary changes they need to make in order to effectively manage the cosmetic patient. Transitioning from the medical patient to the cosmetic client is a major paradigm shift. The cosmetic industry has become more competitive than ever. Living Social and Groupon are commoditizing treatments like laser hair removal.  Your objective and your cosmetic team’s mission are to provide the best experience your clients have ever had. This experience begins and ends with your cosmetic team. Their vital role far surpasses simply answering the phone, scheduling client appointments, processing credit cards and handling cash.


We will continue to address topics that are an integral part of a cosmetic business that will significantly influence its success or failure. The material for thought will include enhancing your staff’s image, defining your staff’s role, steps for preparing your facility, internal marketing and more.


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