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What is a Human Tissue Allograft?

An allograft is a tissue graft from a donor that is the same species as the recipient, but isn’t genetically identical. There are many different types of allografts: human tissue , stem cell, amniotic tissue, umbilical cord, and placental tissue, to name a few. The term “allograft” can also be used to describe the transplant of organs or tissue from one person to another–whether they are a living donor (related or unrelated) or a human cadaver.

Allograft Products for Sale

Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. offers several allograft products for sale, such as RENyTE and BioDFENCE G3. We have years of experience with these products, so if you are seeking an allograft products supplier who understands these products inside and out, you have come to the right place.

These allograft products consist of tissue that has been recovered from pre-screened healthy and living donors during Cesarean birth.

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