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What is a Human Tissue Allograft?

An allograft is a tissue graft from a donor that is the same species as the recipient, but isn’t genetically identical. There are many different types of allografts: human tissue , stem cell, amniotic tissue, umbilical cord, and placental tissue, to name a few. The term “allograft” can also be used to describe the transplant of organs or tissue from one person to another–whether they are a living donor (related or unrelated) or a human cadaver.

Allograft Products for Sale

Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. offers several allograft products for sale, such as RENyTE and BioDFENCE G3. We have years of experience with these products, so if you are seeking an allograft products supplier who understands these products inside and out, you have come to the right place.

These allograft products consist of tissue that has been recovered from pre-screened healthy and living donors during Cesarean birth.

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Innovative Regenerative Medicine Rexo is an innovative extracellular vesicle product that offers advanced healing properties. Extracellular vesicles are found in all bodily fluids and are primarily used in cell signaling. They contain nearly three times more growth factors than adult stem cells and influence the growth of target cells. They are a vital regenerative component due to their unique ability to transfer information from cell to cell.


Regenerative Amniotic Fluid Product with Micronized Membrane Reviv is comprised of amniotic fluid and micronized placental membrane, which is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and considered to have anti-microbial and anti-adhesion capabilities. To further prevent inflammation, the chorionic layer of the placenta has been removed. Reviv is intended to regulate and maintain the tissue regeneration process. The extracellular matrix of Revive contains a high concentration of cellular scaffolding, cytokines, growth factors, and proteins. The extracellular matrix(ECM) is a collection of extracellular molecules that provide the structural support needed for surrounding cells. Amniotic ECM is comprised of collagens, multi-adhesive glycoproteins, elastic, glycosaminoglycans, growth factors, and cytokines.


Innovative Regenerative Medicine Sourced from the Wharton’s Jelly of the umbilical cord, Restor contains numerous components needed to help regenerate tissue. Restor may be the ideal choice for individuals who are dealing with numerous conditions that interfere with their everyday lives, especially those individuals over the age of fifty who, due to the aging process, may have less viable components than a younger person.