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Skin For Life

Skin For Life

LSS™ delivery “life sustaining system”
Skin for Life trademarked proprietary ingredient formulas are in a nutritional nano bio-emulsion sphere that delivers vitamins, minerals and essential lipids to protect the skin’s immunity integrity.

Nature and science are the core values of Skin for Life pure science professional skin care. We understand the importance of pure ingredients. We strive everyday to maintain, sustain and preserve the quality of our professional skin care.

Performance Enhancing Bio-Active Ingredients – with unique properties that up-regulate positive metabolic activity, maintain pigment control by inhibiting hyperactive melanocytes and stimulate skin responses without inflammation.

Our oligo-peptides have anti-microbial and anti-viral concentrations which are safe and effective to skin.

We have Clean and Validated Ingredients From All Over the World!
Before any ingredient is chosen it goes through strict testing for quality assurance.

Skin for Life ingredients are never tested on animals. As a professional skin care company, we are committed to bringing our customers safe, effective and innovative ingredients.

Pure science immunity skin care products are essential when maintaining treatment results at home.

Cleanse + Balance skin care products are formulated to provide hydration, sooth skin sensitivities and clean skin without dryness or tightness.
Tone + Refresh assists skin by maintaining a normal healthy skin pH. It is important to sustain a normal skin pH to enhance the receptivity of other skin care products.
Active + Restore provides skin with optimal change. Our serums are the first step to interact with the skin on a cellular level.
Nourish + Protect maintains optimal skin change from our performance serums. Protects against water loss also known as “trans-epidermal water loss”. Our Nourish + Protect moisturizers maintain proper hydration, eliminate redness, dryness or dehydration.

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Red Microdermabrasion hand piece

Red Microdermabrasion hand piece is great for treating target areas such as scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmented areas.


Organic Hand Piece – Yellow

Organic Hand Piece with Ceramic Bead - to polish, smooth and retexture with every pass of grains. *Yellow - Single Port Microdermabrasion Hand Piece is required with the use of Organic Grains.


Nue Skin LT Filters

Filters for Skin for Life Microdermabrasion Machines: Diamond Peel Fusion Blue Diamond Athena