Facial treatments with Synergie treat subcutaneous tissue of the face and neck combined with the microdermabrasion that treats just the surface and it can be done following Rhytec Portrait Plasma for even greater aesthetic results. It can be performed as a primary or adjunct treatment. Tighter skin appearance and re-surfacing when combined with Nue Skin products bring high income projection and more satisfying results for the patient and the physician. The microdermabrasion machine is attached to The Body Synergie Machine. It is not a separate entity and can generate more income and will be in addition to your current microdermabrasion machine. The advantage of the Dynatronics machines such as The Synergie Body and Facial treatments can be done by technicians and do not require high cost R.N. or physician to perform them.

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Synergie LT Light Therapy Client Tri Fold Brochure

Synergie Light Therapy Client Tri Fold Brochure Quantity: 25 per package


Synergie Elite LT2

Light Therapy, also known as photo-rejuvenation, has been shown through years of research to increase ATP synthesis, accelerating cellular metabolism and collagen production, resulting in smoother and softer skin. Synergie Light Therapy devices employ the precise wavelengths and power to deliver maxium beneficial effect. Light is the perfect finishing touch to The Ultimate Facial. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the Synergie Elite LT sets the standard for biostimulatory Light Therapy. The Synergie Elite LT’s unique combination of power and multiple wavelengths delivers optimal results faster and at a price lower than competing units. Synergie Elite LT also performs treatments utilizing the new Synergie Xp™ Light Pad. This pad will cover an 8” x 10” area, ideal for use in cellulite treatments. Synergie’s “Blue Light” is effective for treating acne and other skin conditions.