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Aesthetic Laser Equipment for Sale

If you are starting your own medspa practice or upgrading your current offerings, you’ll want to consider purchasing new aesthetic laser equipment. This equipment can perform many procedures like hair removal, tattoo removal, removal of pigmented skin lesions, and removal of wrinkles or scars.

Why Aesthetic Solutions for Cosmetic Laser Equipment Consulting?

Not all medical lasers are designed to perform every procedure, so you’ll need to focus on which procedures you want to provide in your practice. Take a look at your current client base. Which procedures would they want? You may even want to poll them for suggestions.

There are so many options available when it comes to medical laser equipment for sale. This is where cosmetic laser equipment consulting can help you. At ASI, we have over two decades of experience with aesthetic lasers, giving us a comprehensive understanding of each machine. When you have a better idea of the procedures you want to perform, we will be able to provide you with recommendations specifically tailored to your practice.

You can also expect premium products from ASI as well as excellent customer service. We care about you and your business, and we want to help you create a beautiful success.

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Experience revitalized skin like never before! Elevate your face and body self-care to the next level with the WiQo line. Our products build results straight from the source by stimulating your skin’s regenerative process at the dermal layer.

Plasma Technology for Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation

Skin tightening with plasma technology PlasmaMD is the leading compact handheld device employing plasma technology for non-surgical skin rejuvenation. It also utilizes proprietary ARC Technology as the key differentiator.

New Class!

PDO Thread Training – Level 1

Live. Hands-on. Small class size. Affordable. Are you interested in starting a brand new Med spa or add new procedures to your existing practice? PDO threads are the hottest new Med Spa trend that does not require a huge investment to get started! Learn this new high revenue generating procedure from experts with over 11 years threading experience! No more than 10 students per class Led by Connie Yu For: Physicians, Nurse practitioner, physicians assistant, nurses and other designations allowed by your State. Please check your State’s guidelines before attending. Gain hands on experience Comprehensive material provided by an experienced provider Receive $2,000 of thread supplies Class is held in Marietta, Ga at the ASI Training Center from 10am to 4:30pm