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Pedicure Spas

Quality pedicure chairs that are beautifully designed, which include innovative functions for the ever-changing salon industry.

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Tuscany Spa

Opening up luxury spa design to a broader world. Tuscany is a world of refinement and effortless style, with a premium seat that results in complete comfort. Tactile senses are elevated as this beautifully tailored pedicure spa is matched by performance and effortless control. The Tuscany takes distinctive lines from European Touch’s heritage and updates the striking face with a purposeful sweeping C-shaped footrest, and durable easy-to-clean cultured stone basin. Tuscany incorporates the number one pipe-free Clean Touch technology and the new sweeping footrest while maintaining the nail technician and client preferred gravity chair and automated adjustable ergonomic basin. The aesthetically pleasing yet functional leg support allows the clients feet to be perfectly positioned for massage and pedicure treatments. Gone is the strenuous task of supporting the client’s leg with one hand while trying to work on the bottom of the foot with the other hand. The result is comfort

SoHo All-In-One Chair

The comfort of a well-built treatment and procedure chair married to a fully reclining massage table. The Soho All-In-One™ Chair is perfect for pedicures, manicures, facials, massage, waxing, dermatologic and medical procedures, and more. This fully reclining treatment chair has programmable controls, and a 625-lb (283.495 kg) lift capacity. Sleek styling, eye-catching acrylic skins, and an ultra-luxurious cushioning and upholstery system complete this stunning design.

Pedi Trolley

Gorgeous, functional and resilient. Our Pedi Trolley adds signature style by allowing you to choose appearance options that accentuate any spa décor. Includes a sleek, impact resistant Avonite™ surface, three pull-out trays, locking wheels and solid maple wood construction There’s also a clever front door that folds back flat against the side for effortless maneuvering around the cabinet. Standard: three pull out trays - (2) full compartment; (1) quartered. Door swings completely open and wraps to the side. Heavy duty casters. Top will be the same as Pedi Roll up or you may select from standard options, or customize options with additional cost. Specifications Width: 14 5/8" Length: 17 11/16" Height: 17.5" One Year Limited Warranty