Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement

More than 80 million men and women in the United States are currently experiencing hair loss. The total market size for hair restoration surgery and has increased 28% since 2012. Meeting the high demands of hair transplant patients is critical for any growing clinic or medical spa.

At Aesthetic Solutions, we provide only the highest quality instruments & machines on the market, and offer continued support for our valued customers. The SmartGraft hair restoration machine uses FUE technology that is complemented by specialized tools including high resolution digital monitoring and advanced harvesting mechanisms. SmartGraft was developed by physicians, medical scientists and engineers. This profitable machine can be supported by trained and certified technicians who can complete the procedure.
Smart Technology, Fast Results

SmartGraft is a completely closed automated graft harvesting platform with an environmentally controlled holding system. This holding system preserves the graft for increased graft viability. SmartGraft uses punch technology for a minimally invasive procedure and virtually no discomfort.


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SmartGraft's user-friendly equipment allows treatment for larger areas in a single session. SmartGraft ensures shorter treatment and recovery times, and reduced trauma due to manual manipulation. Read More

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