A professional cosmetologist applies a chemical peeling solution to the patient on the face

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel, also known as chemexfoliation or dermapeeling, is used to improve the appearance of the skin. In this treatment, a chemical solution is applied to the skin, which causes it to “blister” and eventually peel off. The new, regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin

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Oxyvital Derm-Recovery Hydrosol Serum 2oz

Derm-Recovery Hydrosol Serum- Specifically formulated to aid the recovery from exfoliation procedures. This formulation contains 100% Pure Hyaluronic Complex for moisture retention. Plant hydrosol from Carrot Seed, provides anti-microbial and antioxidant properties. Derm-Recovery hydrosol is excellent for calming and healing irritated skin following microdermabrasion, and chemical peels.


Nue Skin LT Filters

Filters for Skin for Life Microdermabrasion Machines: Diamond Peel Fusion Blue Diamond Athena


Microdermabrasion Disposable Tips

Each tip is of the highest quality. Nue Skin 100, 200, 500 Slimtone, Diamond Peel and Blue Diamond and Diamond Fusion units, as well as Dermatouch and Light Touch microdermabrasion systems. Quantity: Bag of 50