Skin Analysis

Skin Analysis

Skin analysis machines are a requisite for beauty and aesthetic professionals. As more and more spas, wellness centers and dermatological offices begin to offer the popular devices, the demand only goes up.

The fact is, a high quality scanner that can provide an accurate diagnosis for skin problems and disorders is the first step to proper treatments. Our professional devices use normal, UV and polarized light sources to identify all skin imperfections on top and below the skins surface. Many patients will expect you to analyze their sin’s heath and texture to determine their true skin age. Our machines will also help you identify sun damage, texture, oil, bacteria, skin tone, wrinkles, unnatural pigmentation.

A good skin analysis device will yield informative photographs – hard evidence – so your customers will truly see and understand the problem areas on their skin. This builds confidence in your diagnosis, recommendations and ongoing skin treatment program.

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Pear 3D
The Pear 3D can automatically generate a comprehensive skin care program for everything from clogged pores to rejuvenation. It also provides ongoing documentation that let’s you track your patient’s progress over the course of months, years and even decades. Read More

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