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Sun Damage

Also known as photo damage, sun damage may be either acute or chronic.
Acute sun damage presents itself in the way of a sunburn, an experience which many of us are only too familiar with. Chronic sun damage occurs gradually, as a result of long term unprotected exposure to UV rays. The results of chronic sun damage (often referred to as photo aging)include wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, changes in skin texture and an increased risk for the development of some types of skin cancers.

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MegaPeel EX Gold

MegaPeel helps you grow your business by offering microdermabrasion, one of the top five nonsurgical cosmetic procedures in the United States.*

Our system offers four types of microdermabrasion treatment, enabling everyone from spa owners to physicians to address all their aesthetic needs.

A Versatile Performer

Known as a “lunchtime” skin rejuvenation procedure, a microdermabrasion treatment can be completed during a lunch hour without any downtime for the client.

MegaPeel Gold: medical grade.

For clients with moderate to severe skin damage
(up to 86 kPa).

DermaMed Blush & Glow Photofacial Protocol Kit

The Blush & Glow Skin Therapy Protocol Kit is for visible vascularities and hyperpigmentation treatment of rosacea, stimulating collagen and used to improve the appearance of the face, chest and neck area. The IPL will offer a treatment that is like a boost of energy to your epidermis and penetrate your skin at the deepest levels – causing your body to produce new collagen and connective tissue, thus creating healthier and smoother skin.


The Blush & Glow Skin Therapy Protocol Kit is particularly suited for treating rosacea, sun damaged skin, large pores, age spots, facial veins, and wrinkles.


DermaMed clari-tone serum™

This serum contains pigment lightening agents to block the overproduction of pigment where it is formed in the basal layer of the skin. A powerful combination of clinically tested ingredients includes kojic acid and azaleic acids. Antioxidant Vitamins A and E give added protection from environmental damage. Salicylic and lactic acid provide an effective delivery system in this serum. The pigment blocking agents remain in the cells for a period of time but do not actually bleach them. Exfoliation is necessary to remove old surface pigmentation.

Key Ingredients: Azelaic Acid, Lactic Acid, Kojic Acid, Ascorbic, Acid

Rx: Hyperpigmented skin from skin traumas, sun damage, acne scars, surgery, and other pigmentary deviations.

18ml/0.6 fl. oz.



DermaMed Collagen Boost Photofacial Protocol Kit

Collagen Boost Photofacial treatment rejuvenates skin, repairs sun damage and leaves your patients with a fresh, healthy glow. The combination of carefully selected skin care products delivers safer and more effective treatments on sun/age spots as well as precisely targets unwanted blood vessels and melanin, while gently preserving surrounding tissue, leaving skin soft and smooth. Patients report progressive improvement over several treatments and outstanding results. They will leave your office claiming to look and feel naturally younger and healthier.


DermaMed hydra-repair mask™

This creamy, hydrating mask works to visibly reduce pores and immediately improve minor irritations and refine texture. Helps to calm irritable skin and may be used after an aggressive treatment. It also works well to reduce stress from acne, sunburn and other irritable skin conditions. It can be used for at-home care and between treatments to help keep skin in a refined condition. Red wine extract has an anti-inflammatory quality, while squalene and jojoba are added to soothe and replace the lipid barrier to help hold in the skin’s own natural moisture factor.

Key Ingredients: Kaolin, Aloe, Squalene, Jojoba, Resveratrol

Rx: Any skin type, especially irritated, dry, photo- damaged and post-treatment skin.

120ml/4 fl. oz.


DermaMed lightening routine

The Lightening Routine works nicely with all skin types to achieve a radiant, more even complexion. Contains botanicals formulated with powerful skin-lightening ingredients proven to gradually even skintone and diminish sun damage and pigmentation.

This kit contains:

clari-tone serum™ – for even skin tone (18 ml)
AHA salicylic solution (30 ml)
C-difference™ – vitamin C lotion (30 ml)



DermaMed Precision Peel® Protocol Kit

This highly effective and non-irritating protocol incorporates glycolic acid and retinyl (vitamin A) enzyme for enhanced rejuvenation that can be used  independently or prior to microdermabrasion. Precision Peel® exfoliates the irregular dead skin cells, promotes cell renewal, stimulates circulation, and promotes the growth of healthy, plump new cells. It will minimize the appearance of fine lines, scars, acne, environmental damage,  lightens pigmentation and evens skin tones.

This combination of powerful ingredients will provide measurable results for almost any skin type.


DermaMed Silicone Mask – Anti-Aging Protocol Kit

Collagen building and skin brightening is easily achieved with this treatment protocol. The silicone mask forces toxins in the dermis to rise to the epidermis in the form of perspiration. As the toxins burn off, the remaining water grabs the skincare nutrients and drives them into the dermal layer, creating super hydration to all layers of the skin, treating where damage begins – and where new collagen production begins.

Microdermabrasion as an optional step is recommended for increased results.


Forma Light IPL

Powerful, Compact Durable

Get a fast ROI with this safe and effective IPL device that meets the highest standards of treatment and quality.

  • Highest Pulse Density – for optimal effectiveness and reduced discomfort
  • Friendly user interface with complete parameters control
  • Extended range of IPL treatments
  • Treats all skin types
  • Light & Durable with zero maintenance costs


FormaTK Alpha


The Ultimate IPL System

The Alpha is a multi-applicator system that gives practitioners the ability to choose from 10 different IPL applicators for various treatments. It features an ultra-short pulse technology that allows for faster and better results.

3D IPL Technology

A professional grade IPL solution featuring our most advanced 3D IPL technology for maximum precision at every pulse.

808nm Diode Laser

The ultimate hair removal solution, delivering outstanding results at unmatched comfort for all skin types.


Our most advanced 808nm diode laser yet, delivering outstanding results at unmatched comfort for all skin types.

All Skin Types – Offering safe and effective treatments for all skin types.

Virtually Painless – Clinically proven and FDA approved, the Fast & Painless mode is safer and more comfortable than ever before.

Speed – Faster treatments for small and large body parts.

5 Treatment Modes – Enhanced clinical flexibility with more comfort and better results.

Personalized – With Milo the melanin meter, it’s safe and easy to set personalized treatment parameters.

Golden Touch – Integrated contact cooling for maximum comfort.


Achieving optimal results means understanding that every patient is different. This is why we have developed five unique hair removal treatment modes, enabling a more precise, effective and comfortable treatment for every patient at each stage of the treatment.


Using a large tip reduces treatment time while increasing the amount of energy absorbed in the hair follicle due to deeper penetration.


Contact cooling is essential for protecting the tissue as part of vascular lesion treatments. However, overcooling may lead to contraction of the vessels (vasoconstriction) and a reduction in treatment effectiveness.

FormaTK Magma

The First Device to Combine 808nm Diode Laser, ND 1064nm Pure Diode Laser and IPL in the Same System

The Magma is the ultimate hair removal solution for all skin types, delivering outstanding results at unmatched comfort. It is also a powerful solution for facial and leg vascular lesions, offering better results with fewer treatments.


Our most advanced 808nm diode laser yet, delivering outstanding results at unmatched comfort for all skin types. Clinically proven and FDA approved, the Fast & Painless mode is safer and more comfortable than ever before.

ALL SKIN TYPES – Offering safe and effective treatments for all skin types.

SPEED – Faster treatments for small and large body parts.

5 TREATMENT MODES – Enhanced clinical flexibility with more comfort and better results.

PERSONALIZED – With Milo the melanin meter, it’s safe and easy to set personalized treatment parameters.

GOLDEN TOUCH – Integrated contact cooling for maximum comfort.

Microdermabrasion Brochures

Brochure / rack card for spa and salons to help educate and inform their clients about the benefits and advantages of Microdermabrasion treatments. Complete with
illustrations and text.



“Stimulate your skin, rejuvenate your complexion”

Keep your healthy Skin for Life!


How it works:

Dead flaky skin cells are gently exfoliated by dispersing crystals evenly and comfortably, to reveal a healthier glow to renewed skin. This simple non-invasive technique improves the overall texture, clarity and tone of the skin. Removal of the surface layer of the skin also allows for
better product penetration.


Rejuvenation protocols are performed on average every 10-14 days for optimum results. Between 4-12 treatments are recommended and thereafter a “once a month” maintenance treatment is highly beneficial. This series of treatments will give you visible results!


• Aging + sun damaged skin
• Acne + types of acne scarring
• Irregular pigmentation
• Stretch marks
• Fine lines + wrinkles
• Enlarged + congested follicles


• Leaves little or no redness
• No chemicals, incisions or lasers
• Rejuvenates your skin to an optimal healthy state
• Individualized treatments
• No downtime
• Results are immediate
• Affordable
• Suitable for most skin types

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Norvell Post Sunless Hydrofirm Moisturizing Spray

Special Finishing Spray: Nourishes, rejuvenates, rebuilds & replenishes your skin’s bio-functions
Skin Treatment: Repairs damaged dry skin due to UV tanning or DHA drying.
Improves Results: Greatly improves UV and Sunless Tanning results by keeping skin healthy with vitamins & nutrients. Reduces telltale DHA
Odor: Odor reducing ingredients help to inhibit any DHA “smell”.


Nue Fusion 200

Nue Fusion 200 Standard Microcurrent Machine

Skin for Life’s world leading technology offers cutting edge MicroCurrent machines providing estheticians with the tools and programs to consistently achieve visible results on any skin, face and body. Unique precision engineering provides the combination of micro & macro currents through Skin for Life’s exclusive alternating polarity system.

Nue Fusion 200: Facial only microcurrent unit (non-surgical face lift), providing estheticians with an essential tool for re-educating muscle cells and to firm, strengthen and tighten epidermal and dermal layers.

Nue Fusion 600

Nue Fusion 600 Micro-Current: Body and Facial unit; provides the option for estheticians to perform a dual treatment for the face and body. Firms,
strengthens, tightens, contours, and sculpts the face and body with programming, individual intensity, and overall output of frequencies.

These signals of MicroCurrent trigger a myofibril reaction that contract the muscle while enhancing production of natural collagen and elastin. Because blood flow is increased oxygen levels are elevated in the epidermis and dermis leaving the skin firmer and instantly brighter.

Pear 3D


Using high resolution photography and 3D skin analysis, the Pear 3D allows you to track the progress of how your patient’s skin is improving over the course of months, years and even decades. The PEAR Imaging System from DermaQuip skin allows you to look at patient’s pores, wrinkles, sun damage, texture, oil, bacteria and skin tone all in 3D.