Forma Light IPL

Powerful, Compact Durable

Get a fast ROI with this safe and effective IPL device that meets the highest standards of treatment and quality.

  • Highest Pulse Density – for optimal effectiveness and reduced discomfort
  • Friendly user interface with complete parameters control
  • Extended range of IPL treatments
  • Treats all skin types
  • Light & Durable with zero maintenance costs

The Forma System was designed with the practitioners in mind, covering the key 3 elements required in order to be successful:

  • Innovative IPL Technology
  • Versatile treatment range, featuring multiple advance protocols
  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI)

As Intended Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments become increasingly common, it is important to make sure that your clinic is equipped with the best technology available.  The Forma Light IPL technology features:

  • Highest Pulse Density in the world (22J/cm² in 5ms): more effective results in less treatments (Plus widths of 3-55ms – under TRT).
  • Inclusive range of wavelengths: 430/530/590/650nm
  • Fast & Painless mode up to 3Hz
  • 3 Tips sizes available for each wavelength 1.6/3/6.5cm²
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design

IPL Before AfterIPL Bfore After 2IPL Bfore After 3IPL Bfore After 4