Hydra Bright Facial Protocol



Hydra Bright Facial

Hydra Bright Facial is a procedure that will add maximum hydration and oxygen to plump tissues and brighten appearances. It incorporates D20 Solution, a liquid infusion of botanical extracts blended with
deuterium oxide (“heavy water”) for intense moisture. The Oxygen Cream is a skin brightening cream with multiple actives and applications, combining vitamin A and glycolic acid and accelerated by peroxide which provides water and oxygen at the cellular level. This cream acts as a delivery agent for vitamin serums and creates an immediate skin lifting and visible glow. The Oxygen Serum uses silk amino acids and squalane to create a satiny finish on the skin and provide a super hydration and oxygenated environment to plump tissue and fill lines and wrinkles. This combination will provide measurable results for almost any skin type.

Kit Includes

A mild, gel-based, foamy cleanser containing light alpha and beta hydroxy’s for gentle exfoliation.

Prepares skin for treatment by softening and disencrusting skin.

An intense moisture solution giving the skin and environment to heal and repair and reduces heat and inflammation.

This serum uses silk amino acids and squalane to create a satiny finish on the skin.

Delivery agent for vitamin serums and intensifies facial treatment.

Oil-free, physical barrier protection cream that uses no chemical sunscreen ingredients in the formula and can be used after any strong skin treatment with no worry of burning or irritation.


Investing in the Hydra Bright Facial Kit results in additional revenue stream and expanding client base. Each treatment takes approximately 20 minutes and can be used as a stand alone facial peel or as a compliment to your microdermabrasion treatments. The Hydra Bright Facial can contribute significant income to your bottom line while giving your client immediate results for tighter, glowing, more beautiful skin.


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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 in