Norvell Overspray Reduction Booth Mirrored Panels


The Novell® Overspray Reduction Booth utilizes an overspray mist extraction system, comprised of 4 high-capacity extraction fans. The fans pull excess solution mist away from your client and into the Overspray Reduction filtration System. Norvell® Overspray Reduction Booth – Mirrored Panels Airborne Particle Extraction System.

Strategically placed studio lighting, along with mirrored panels keep the skin illuminated, allowing the technician visual clarity during the entire session. Also included are caster styled wheels allowing mobile ease when cleaning and moving equipment. Protect flooring and clients from slipping with the commercial grad non-skin floor mat.

Features Include:

  • 4-Overspray Extraction Fans
  • Overhead Studio Lighting to Reduce Shadows During Spray Session
  • Easy to Clean Wash/Reuse Filters
  • Professional Appearance
  • Wheels for Added Mobility


  • Single 110v Power Socket
  • No Plumbing Required
  • No Assembly Required
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Weight 0.1 lbs
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Sunless Tan

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