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Skin care analysis is a booming sector of the beauty industry, and it’s going to stay that way for a while. As wellness centers and dermatologists become more valuable to a growing population, more and more men and women are looking to counteract and perhaps even reverse some of their most frustrating skin issues. From premature aging of the skin to crow’s feet around the eyes and wrinkles, so many feel powerless  to improve the condition of their skin. A proper skin analysis can empower your clients.

Your loupe magnifying glass and your knowledge and experience as a doctor or esthetician will always be your foremost tools. But these days, it’s important to also have an auto-analysis skin imaging system as a go-to tool in your waiting room. Its growing popularity will definitely spur more interest in your practice and provide richer skin analyses for your patients.

Few skin analysis machines offer better results than the Dermaquip Pear 3D. This three-dimensional digital imaging system takes multiple high resolution photographs of the skin in microscopic detail. It reveals clogged pores, wrinkles, unnatural pigmentation, UV radiation damage, seabum and skin tone issues. Being able to visualize these details helps motivate the client to start treatment and improve their skin care regiment immediately.

Creating the right program

Your skin analysis should yield a regiment that works effectively on all of your patient’s skin issues. For reliable results, a good skin analysis will compare common markers of skin health and the texture of the patient’s skin against individuals of a similar age and with a similar background.

The Pear 3D will instantly improve your skin analysis consult by automatically generating a comprehensive skin care program for everything from clogged pores to rejuvenation. The documented results provide a level of trustworthiness and improve the effectiveness of your consultation.

Give results your clients can see

As patients return to your office, they will be able to see the progress of the treatments and products you are providing. With each new skin analysis, the Pear 3D will be able to indicate improvements in the skin, encouraging your clients to return again, and again.

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