The Benefits of Amniotic Tissue Therapy

We offer amniotic tissue therapy in BioDRestore. Amniotic tissue therapy as a regenerative therapy has been shown to have many different benefits. It makes use of tissue that is taken from amniotic membrane tissue as well as fluid that is acquired from healthy, living donors after a full-term pregnancy as well as a scheduled Cesarean section.

One of the most interesting advancements in regenerative therapy today is amniotic tissue therapy. It’s excellent in treating tendinitis, soft tissue injuries, plantar fasciitis, and repetitive motion injuries. There are many other benefits that come with the use of amniotic tissues. 

1. It Contains Growth Factors

Amniotic tissue carries with it many growth factors promoting regeneration within areas of the body that have been damaged. The key to regenerative medicine is growth factors as they replace damaged tissue as opposed to simply masking any pain. 

2. It Contains Collagen 

One of the most plentiful proteins in the body is collagen. It binds tissues together. Amniotic tissue is very collagen rich, which means that it may be used to treat injuries to muscle, bone, skin, and tendons.

3. It is Antimicrobial 

When it comes to regenerative therapy, the antimicrobial properties of amniotic tissue make it extremely helpful. The growth of microorganisms is prevented by antimicrobial properties and it eliminates such microorganisms that already exist. This notably decreases the risks that are associated with other treatments meant to treat chronic pain or wound recovery. 

4. It Carries Other Proteins

To recover from wounds and injuries, the human body requires more than just collagen. Amniotic tissue is up for the task once again. It features all of the necessary proteins to maintain a baby in the womb. These proteins can also be harnessed for regenerative therapy.

5. It is Immune Privileged and Anti-Inflammatory

Amniotic tissue can be injected into a site of an injury or wound without bringing about inflammation just as certain parts of the body can permit the introduction of antigens without inflammation. Amniotic tissue is therefore immune privileged. This is the main reason it is anti-inflammatory. 

Inflammation is typically an issue when patients undergo procedures that are invasive. This is not usually the case with amniotic tissue therapy. 

6. Procedures Are Not as Painful

Amniotic tissue procedures are notably less painful than invasive procedures. These procedures are conducted utilizing the least invasive injections that are possible, which reduced immediate pain and discomfort. 
There are many benefits associated with amniotic tissue therapy. If you are interested in learning more about it, please have a look at our page on BioDRestore.

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