The Science Behind Oxygen Skin Treatments

We all know that without oxygen, our lives would be limited to a few scant moments. But increasingly, people who are concerned with their appearance are embracing the power that simple O2 has to enhance their overall skin tone and vibrancy. Thanks to a number of high-profile interviews with celebrities and estheticians, skin oxygenation is no longer a Hollywood therapy shrouded in mystery.

With the recent buzz surrounding this new treatment, you will find informed consumers pounding on your clinic door demanding the latest in innovative treatment to improve their appearance – and the OxyGeneo team is here to help.

What is Skin Oxygenation?

While there is much to be said for the power of diet, exercise and a consistent face care regimen in achieving that youthful glow, the power of providing oxygen at a cellular level shouldn’t be ignored. Because the skin’s need to breathe is visceral, debris and low circulation are healthy skin’s nemeses. Without oxygen permeating through the skin’s layers, vital nutrition is diminished, leaving the skin dull and increasing damage over time. By clearing a path from the exterior world to the

How Oxygenating Equipment Can Help

The oxygen that surrounds us all is suitable to feed the skin’s outer layers, the inner tissues rely on osmosis to absorb the nutrients carried by O2. Sadly, over time our bodies have fewer and fewer capillary structures by which that nutritious oxygen can be drawn deeper into our skin – this is where oxygenation comes to the rescue. Oxygenation treatments, like those available with the OxyGeneo, aim to reverse the damage caused by time and the elements by gently exfoliating and literally breathing new life into the flesh at a cellular level. Like many oxygenation processes, the OxyGeneo system enhances the skin with a three-step process:

  1. Exfoliation: As discussed, the buildup of debris and dead cells on the surface of the skin blocks access that atmospheric oxygen needs to properly infiltrate the structures of the flesh. Exfoliation, therefore, is a key component to a good oxygenating session;
  2. Infusion: Oxygenating therapy often includes a component that encourages or enhances the anti-ageing effects of the process. This “infusion” process involves both cleaning the skin at a deeper level and applying products designed to enhance the efficacy of the skin oxygenation treatment;
  3. Oxygenation: The third prong in this attack on the signs of time and ageing is oxygen itself. The equipment involved generally will produce CO2 bubbles that continuously burst against the surface of the skin to encourage the flow of oxygen-rich blood toward the treatment area. This boosts the skin’s metabolic response, increasing the absorption of key nutrients.

The bonus of the OxyGeneo’s specific skin therapy process is that all three steps are effectively delivered at the same time. This is a huge boon to clients with busy schedules, as well as technicians who are in high demand, as it allows for more available treatment time during the workday.

OxyGeneo’s Other Benefits

Clinicians can add ultrasound functionality to the treatment, which has been shown to boost the localized cellular metabolism further, providing a more vibrant (and rapid) result. Additional benefits of the system include:

  • Reduced puffiness, particularly around the eyes
  • Tighter pores
  • Better moisture retention
  • Safe for all skin types
  • No treatment pain or discomfort, even for patients with sensitive skin
  • Customizable treatment formulas for bespoke services

Providing rapid results for clients is perhaps the biggest benefit for clinicians interested in facial oxygenation therapies. For more information on how OxyGeneo can bolster your clinic’s success, reach out to our team today – we’re happy to help you meet your client’s aesthetic goals.

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