Why Cosmetic Laser Training is Critical

cosmetic laserCosmetic laser operations continue to gain popularity, however it’s important to ensure both you and your staff undergo thorough training before performing any work. Cosmetic lasers are powerful, expensive pieces of equipment that should only be operated by experienced practitioners. Take a few moments to review just a few of the reasons why investing in training is so important.

Health & Safety

Spas and cosmetic treatment facilities must exercise great care when operating high-powered laser equipment. The International Electrotechnical Commission has put forth defined standards to follow to ensure safety of all staff and customers. Compliance with these standards are mandatory and complimented by national laws here in the states. All practitioners should have a thorough understanding of cosmetic laser physics including technical aspects such as optical density and permissible exposure levels.

Certifiable Excellence

Clients and employees are more inclined to invest in cosmetic laser treatment performed by highly skilled, experienced specialists. Acquiring certifications and continuing to invest in training as technology progresses is essential to fostering a respectable business reputation. Separate yourself from less experienced competitors by receiving the education to bolster both you and your staff’s hard work. Clients like to know they’re receiving the highest quality service possible. By meeting and exceeding certification requirements, you will bring an air of professionalism to every aesthetic consultation conducted.

It’s the Law

Although requirements vary across the U.S., virtually every state has a law requiring some level of training before becoming a cosmetic laser practitioner. Be sure to study local law to ensure you and your staff are always in compliance with both federal and state standards. Always keep up to date on laws pertaining to cosmetic laser treatment as they are relatively new and tend to change often.

If you are interested in comprehensive, hands-on laser training, contact Aesthetic Solutions Inc. today. Classes can be easily conducted in a hotel for groups, at your place of business or at an aesthetician school. Contact us to schedule an aesthetic consultation appointment that works best for your busy schedule. Begin your new career or enhance the one you already have with the help of our cutting-edge cosmetic laser training courses.

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