Make 2019 The Year That You Tackle Your Unwanted Hair

We all struggle to keep our unwanted hair at bay.  Many spend hours in the bathroom plucking and tweezing.  This is why laser hair removal is sought after by many around the world.  Offering an opportunity to expand your business, laser hair removal is permanent and alleviates the need for routine, temporary solutions.  Spectrum Laser is a system that is top-class with results that speak for themselves. It is the best way to get permanent hair removal results virtually anywhere on the body.   The benefits are widespread, and the procedure is quick, reducing operation time and cost.


Why Laser Hair Removal?

The benefits of laser hair removal include precision, efficiency, and long-lasting results.  The Spectrum Laser system is extremely precise. It goes after melanin in the hair, blasting a beam of the laser, to eliminate the hair and stop future growth.  

Efficiency is also a big benefit when it comes to Spectrum Laser.  The laser is fast, treating several groupings of hair at once.

Because of its precision and efficiency, the Spectrum Laser System offers you the opportunity to expand your clientele.  Laser hair removal has become a prominent tool for women (and women with daughters). In addition, the industry has now reached $1 billion in revenue from men who enjoy cycling, swimming, bodybuilding or just a smooth look.  With its vast options, it allows you to reach all hair textures and skin types of all ethnicities, offering you the opportunity to expand your customer base.


How Does It Work?

The Spectrum Laser system follows a two-step process when removing unwanted hair.  First, it removes the hair. Then it resurfaces the skin with tattoo removal options.  With these two steps, you end up with a fast and painless process to eliminate hair.


How to Conduct Laser Hair Removal?

First, inform your team about the various options for different skin and hair types. For your clients, preparation for laser hair removal is really easy.  Start by limiting the amount of tweezing and plucking of hair, letting it grow a bit for about six weeks prior to the procedure. Since the laser targets the roots of the hair, plucking and tweezing may take out the roots the laser needs to target.  In addition to avoiding plucking and tweezing, during this six-week period, avoid sun exposure for a more effective experience.

If you want positive reviews and referrals from satisfied clients, get laser hair removal.  For the majority of the body, it will work with precision and speed.  

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