How To Recommend Laser Treatment

Laser treatment has become a go-to in the medical skin care industry. New laser technology can confront a variety of therapies for issues from aesthetic fixes, such as resurfacing and and scar removal, to resolutions for more persistent skin conditions, such as psoriasis.

The question is when to recommend laser treatment, and how to convince your patients that they are candidates for laser procedures.

Patients and Lasers in Dermatology

For the past 40 years or so, lasers have become not only the cutting edge of the dermatological practice, but part of its very foundation. From hair removal to pigmentation correction and wrinkle treatment, lasers can treat signs of aging and can handle multiple issues at once, allowing patients to knock out two or even three treatments in one office visit.

However, some patients are still uncertain about using lasers for their treatment. Few people are aware of how safe the process can be. In a 2011 study from the International Journal of Dermatology, 21.5% of participants said they would decline laser treatment if it were recommended to them by a medical professional.

Information about laser treatment has evolved a little in the years since the study, but certain patients may need additional information to persuade them on high-tech treatments.

Skin Analysis Machines

Skin analysis is an effective first step toward patient attitudes. Technology has also made leaps and bounds in terms of the skin analysis machine, and now with the Pear 3D Skin Analysis Machine you can show more than just a magnified picture of the patient’s skin.

A fast and effective new technology, the Pear 3D Skin Analysis Machine takes a series of images going several layers deep into the dermis. When the imaging is finished, patients can see in heightened detail their pores, wrinkles, UV damage, oil, pigmentation and skin tone problems. Given this visual proof, patients are more likely to consider laser treatment as an option.

pear3d_clearSPear 3D Skin Analysis Machine

Using 3D skin analysis is about more than just convincing the client about the safety of laser treatment, it also benefits the dermatological practice as a whole. Consultations are more efficient and effective with the use of digital imaging.

For patients there are only upsides to getting the 3D skin analysis. The procedure is easy, painless, and fast. By revealing issues that may arise or damage that has already been done to deeper layers of the skin, patients are encouraged to take preventative steps in their skin care.

The practice is also provided with more consistent analysis of a patient’s needs. By using the skin analysis machine, problems and results can be tracked over time for comparative analytics.

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