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How is Aesthetic Solutions different? 

We devote more attention to our clients, providing only the best equipment, products, and training so that you can focus on doing what you do best: running your practice. Because we aren’t tied to a single manufacturer, we are able to serve as an independent distributor for a number of international companies. This gives us the flexibility to focus on each client individually and build long-term relationships, ensuring that your business is profitable and successful. 

over two decades of experience

With over two decades of experience, David Kurkoski, President of Aesthetic Solutions has a comprehensive understanding of the equipment you’ll need for your medspa or medical practice. He also offers laser training, leveraging a thorough knowledge of the best aesthetic lasers and the most efficient ways to use them.

Atlanta Laser Training

We offer comprehensive small group laser training courses that highlight laser physics & safety and includes a day full of primarily hands-on instruction so you get the experience you need to be successful. This unique classroom experience also offers a 2nd day of hands-on instruction at your facility or an optional refresher course with several other bonuses . With over 2 decades of experience conducting laser training classes, David Kurkoski and his team of board certified physicians are highly qualified to guide aesthetic professionals to the necessary certifications along with ongoing experienced support.

biopharmaceutical products


We have a great selection of popular biologics. Whether you’re interested in learning more about ReGen platelet rich plasma (PRP) or getting more information on our line of BioD products, we have the expertise to equip you with the most up-to-date information and advances in the field.

quality MEDspa products for your practice


We offer a wide selection of the highest quality products for your practice. Whether you are looking for skincare products, microneedling tips, or essentials for your medspa or medical practice, we have the products you need to push your practice to the next level.

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