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What are Injectables?

Injectables are a regenerative medicine treatment that uses human tissue, stem cells, amniotic tissue, umbilical cord tissue, or placental tissue to repair mechanisms and growth factors to facilitate healing. This has been shown to be an effective treatment of chronic tendon issues, and it has been shown to be an effective way to regenerate articular cartilage in arthritic joints.

Human Tissue Injectables

Human tissue injectables are regenerative in that they are able to rebuild muscle and connective tissues.

Stem Cell Injectables

Stem cells can be defined as basic human cells that have the potential to create new cells within existing healthy tissue. They may help to repair damaged areas within the joints.

Amniotic Tissue Injectables – Umbilical Cord Injectables – Placental Tissue Injectables

There are many regenerative medicine therapies in the form of injectables made of placental tissue, umbilical cord tissue, or amniotic tissue. These injectables can also create regenerative healing.

Why Aesthetic Solutions, Inc.?

These therapies are cutting edge. When searching for a human tissue injectables supplier, an amniotic tissue injectables supplier, stem cell injectables for sale, or umbilical cord injectables for sale, it’s essential that you find a supplier who understands injectables inside and out and can help you to find exactly what you are looking for. With a vast array of knowledge and experience with human tissue injectables, Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. can help you to find the perfect injectables for your specific needs and circumstances.

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ReGen Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Simplicity and Safety: Only a few steps are required to prepare 5 to 6 ml of autologous platelet rich plasma in a closed system. Low Blood Volume Required: RegenKit®-BCT is designed to prepare autologous platelet rich plasma from only 10 ml of blood. Ideal Platelet Recovery: RegenTM system tubes recover more than 80% of platelets from the whole blood. Consistent Isolation: RegenKit®-BCT uses a patented polymer gel as a physical barrier to separate red and white blood cells from the plasma and the platelet sediment. The preparation is safe and consistent.