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PDO Threads

What are Polydioxanone Threads?

Polydioxanone threads–often called PDO threads– are hypodermic needles that are preloaded with a polydioxanone suture that is absorbable. PDO threads are often used for cardiothoracic procedures, and are among the safest materials for the body. Within four to six months, the skin fully absorbs the PDO threads, which means you don’t need to worry about scar tissue.

Types of Procedures with PDO Threads

There are two kinds of procedures that use PDO threads:

The first kind of procedure is with smooth threads. In this procedure, a mesh is created under the skin three sutures are inserted horizontally, and two sutures are inserted vertically. This mesh causes more collagen production and tightens the skin naturally. Results will appear natural. There aren’t dramatic changes in appearance.

Barbed threads result in a more striking and immediately visible result. Sutures are inserted the same way, but they have “barbs,” providing a grip underneath the skin. The sutures can then be pulled, which creates an instant result.

PDO Threads Supplier

If you want to offer PDO thread lifts in your practice, finding the right PDO threads supplier is critical. At ASI, we only provide the highest quality materials so that you can offer your patients the best.

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Sapphire PDO Thread Lift

What is a PDO Thread Lift? PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are absorbable sutures that were initially developed for use in cardiac surgery procedures. PDO threads have received FDA clearance and are now recognized as a safe, minimally-invasive alternative to traditional aesthetic procedures such as full face, jaw, brow, and neck lifts.A PDO thread lift is a procedure which uses Polydiaxanone threads to lift and tighten sagging skin. Once inserted into the sub dermal layer of the skin, the threads provide an instant “lift” of the surrounding skin, and stimulate endogenous collagen production to improve skin texture, fine lines and the function of elastin, the main protein constituent of elastic connective tissue in skin. The primary benefit to PDO threads over traditional facelifts are reduced costs, scarring, healing time, and invasiveness.