August 12, 2016

How To Recommend Laser Treatment

Laser treatment has become a go-to in the medical skin care industry. New laser technology can confront a variety of therapies for issues from aesthetic fixes, such as resurfacing and […]
July 29, 2016

SmartGraft™ Outperforms NeoGraft – Reduce Your Harvesting Time By a Third

“The number one reason that prevents people from getting hair transplantation is the possibility of having someone know that they had hair transplantation completed.” -Dr. Daniel Danyo CEO North Atlanta […]
June 27, 2016

The Perfect Facial Includes A Microdermabrasion Treatment

The best treatment service for practically any client involves microdermabrasion; the ultimate in exfoliation. This treatment gives instant results, enhancing the results of any topical product applied afterward. This service […]
May 25, 2016

Why Cosmetic Laser Training is Critical

Cosmetic laser operations continue to gain popularity, however it’s important to ensure both you and your staff undergo thorough training before performing any work. Cosmetic lasers are powerful, expensive pieces […]
April 27, 2016

Revolutionize Your Skin Analysis Results

More Imaging, Less Guesswork Skin care analysis is a booming sector of the beauty industry, and it’s going to stay that way for a while. As wellness centers and dermatologists […]
April 24, 2016

The Next Big Thing

New Technology Improves Hair Restoration Processes In the past decade, the number of patients electing for hair restoration procedures has skyrocketed. The total market size for hair restoration surgery has […]
June 25, 2015

New Practice Start-Up

As a start-up medical cosmetic business or a medical practice integrating new cosmetic services, you will be faced with a plethora of challenges. These challenges include hiring and building a […]
June 25, 2015

Bundling Treatments for Greater Profitability

Owning and operating a successful spa requires you to distinguish your business from the sea of competitors. An effective way to do that is by providing unique services that set […]
June 25, 2015

How To Perform an Aesthetic Consultation With Excellent Results

This post was updated April 12, 2018 An aesthetic consultation establishes what a potential client would like corrected and how you can help them with their needs. Understanding what they want (and what […]